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Soft Skills
In a rapidly changing work environment which is technology- driven and customer oriented in an information based economy, the reliance on Soft Skills is more relevant than ever.
The training is spread throughout the year and not just limited to a few days. In-house training to develop LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing) skills, life skills training by corporate professionals and rich digital content (e-modules) represent the threefold approach adopted by MSIT.
Presentations, Group Discussions and Debates are given for weekly assessment. These are conducted by a mediator/facilitator, a Soft skills mentor who evaluates and critically analyses them and gives feedback while also providing tips for self-improvement.
Also played are lectures by eminent speakers on life skills, motivational videos, apart from Role-Plays being conducted, to enable the students to face life boldly. Hence, a comprehensive Soft skills training turns the student to an effective solution provider.
The latest inclusion is of theater based soft skills training methodology through which the students get acquainted with the essential business etiquette skills. They are given the freedom to think creatively and the aspect of logical as well as critical thinking is enhanced through role plays.
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