MSIT Program
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Decennial Celebrations
The following are the important dates for the 2017 admissions:
Walk-In Entrance starts on 16th March 2017
Walk-In Entrance ends on 20th May 2017
Last date for Submission of Application forms 15th May 2017
GAT Entrance Examination Starts 21st May 2017
Results of GAT 1st June 2017
Counseling starts 12th June 2017
Commencement of MSIT Main Program 15th July 2017
Candidates admitted to Preparatory Course must report on 24th June 2017
The candidates can take Entrance Test on any Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week from 16th March, 2017 to 20th May, 2017 including May 15th, 16th & 17th, 2017.

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