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Courses & Structure
MSIT employs a unique ‘Sequential Learning’ technique by which a student only moves on to the next course after thoroughly mastering the preceding course as against the conventional BTECH/MTECH programs which offer courses in a parallel fashion. This sequential pattern would enable a student to master one course at a time, understand the relevant concepts, give him some scope to explore in depth into core concepts and move on with the next course. The Mastery Model of assessment requires a student to score 70% and above. This motivates students to stretch their abilities and reach the required target percentage.

An academic year is divided into 6 mini semesters. Duration of each mini semester is eight weeks. The first year has five mini semesters of IT and Soft skills and one mini semester of practicum. The Second year has three mini semesters of IT and Soft skills, and three mini semesters of practicum. There would be a 4 - week vacation, spread over the year.

MSIT offers spectrum of courses including:
bullet IT Workshop
bullet Programming in C
bullet Object Oriented Programming using C++
bullet Object Oriented Programming in Java
bullet Data Structures
bullet Algorithms in Real World
bullet Database Design
bullet Software Systems Design
bullet Web programming
bullet Computer Networks Foundation
bullet Advance Programming (Perl, Python)
bullet Business Communication (written and oral)
Personal Productivity (Time management, stress management, problem solving, brain storming, effective meetings, conflict management)
bullet Presentation Skills
bullet Team Building Skills
bullet Etiquette
bullet Values & Attitudes
bullet Perception & Behaviour
bullet Cross-cultural Issues
bullet Career Management
bullet Entrepreneurship
bullet Change management
bullet IQ/EQ
bullet Business Finance
bullet Privacy Technologies
bullet Robotics
bullet Bio Informatics
bullet Computer Networks
bullet E-Business Technologies
bullet Software Engineering
bullet Speech/Image Processing
bullet Entertainment Technologies
bullet Advanced Computer Architecture
bullet Databases
bullet Distributed Computing
bullet Information Retrieval
bullet Language Processors
bullet Web Technologies
bullet Computer Networks and Information Security
bullet E-Business Technologies
bullet Software Engineering
bullet Data Analytics & Data Visualization
MSIT lays emphasis on Soft Skills and they are an integral part of the curriculum. All the Soft Skills workshops and courses are mandatory for all students. The course is delivered in the form of workshop interaction, continuous assessment, writing assignments, presentations, seminars and role plays. The course is supported by digital content.
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